Here are some of my clients comments

  • “I had my 'reading' today to find out if I'm on the right path... She picked up few things that I was like "ah! that makes sense!" and "yeah, that's me!" she said things that I needed to hear... I felt so much better after 40 minutes of reading... We all have our own beliefs and this is mine... Spirits are more powerful than you think... just like Karma and fate. Thanks Amie Vello”

  • “Dear Amie thankyou for your reading today and thankyou for your guidance I felt so confused not knowing which way to go. Great session and thankyou!”

  • “ I found to be very accurate and helpful in giving me guidance. Thorough in answering any questions and has given me the confirmation I seeked very friendly and straight forward.”

  • “Dear Lady. I would like you to know " I have never in my life met someone who is full of understanding caring and my heart felt your heart, my heart is ripped out because of the misfortune and I pray /hope justice is given to me and my family reunion! You have left mark on my heart! You are a very special lady and I say may God bless you and your family and keep you safe. I have been told by people who know me im very unique person a gift from heaven. If i could tell you h...ow much your sorrow touch ed my heart i would have to every day write! You are a very beautiful caring special lady. I know and believe that you and me are very unique person s who suffered and suffering, nobody so far could answer why good people suffer! ?! I believe in jesus christ he will cease the suffering and open doors to brigher life. I feel very much in peace, I believe my suffering has been ceased. It will be an HONER to me to know that you are well and happy. May God bless you. (I know that you have the power to make my heart light, you know that im very hurt as my children are not with me, i open ed my heart to you as i feel trust please do say few words to divine to make sure my poor kids are well and safe and soon to be reunification with their mother! " in this i go on my knees to honor your heart and soul, and please ask above to not wait longer my heart is very harmed i am waiting please tell God my hands are waiting children return he knows that there is nobody else who can love care as their mother do divine knows that im a Idol .lots of love. No problem your very welcome! Please do ask God i know that you have the power gift. I will pray for your better tomorrow and to find love you truly deserve love and respect. Heart of a woman. God bless you.”

  • “I saw Amie a year ago and everything she told me came true. I have wanted a year for a new year and and good things are to come Amie is just AMAZING!”

  • “Awesome reading straight to the point & my reason for coming. Was answered without having spoken barely a word. Glade I came feel more at piece and have some direction all positive thank you”

  • “I'm in a really bad place right now as I just had a break up. Amie was spot on as she could tell I was emotional. She predicted that I would open up a restaurant which my mum and I have been talking about for ages and I don't know whether Amie's predictions are going to come true but her reading for my current situation is as it should be.”